Swift Brain is a new species of tutoring company:

We are guided by data. We make learning personal. We deliver results.

Our Superpowers:

  • Smartphone-Scanned Bubble Sheets: Less time grading means more time learning.
  • Online Bookings: We think scheduling should be as easy as π. You can schedule sessions and check-in calls online.
  • Data-Driven Approach: We target each student’s weakest areas based on the results of a weekly practice test.
  • Question Bank Software: If we see a student struggling with a particular question category, we can quickly generate a worksheet of practice questions to review together.
  • Proprietary Materials: We have created a custom blend of materials to ensure that each student is ready to face any challenge.
  • Meeting Spaces: We will meet with you in our office, at your home, or on a Zoom call.
  • Small Group Sizes: By limiting our group sizes we ensure that we can keep every student engaged and learning.
  • Test Site: Our students can take a number of practice tests in a classroom environment that reflects the real test facilities they can expect to see.
  • Direct Connection: Our students have the phone numbers and email addresses for our tutors. Help is only a text message away!
  • Humanity: Our goal is not to churn out students that are exclusively good at taking tests. We want to make sure that our students are equipped with the skills they need to excel on exams and thrive in life.

Our Results:

Yes, we teach for a wide array of standardized tests.

We believe the SHSAT results we achieve can serve as a “controlled study” that proves our tutoring skills.

Swift Brain SHSAT Results

We’re thrilled to share it:

90% of our students receive offers to specialized high schools.

(These results are from the three most recent SHSAT exams administered from 2020-2023)

2022 Citywide SHSAT Results

This is in stark contrast with the citywide average from 2024; only 16% of students were accepted into specialized high schools citywide.

From humble beginnings…

Our students don’t always come to us prepared to sit for the SHSAT. In fact, the average Swift Brain student wouldn’t be accepted into a single specialized high school based on the results of our first diagnostic test.

Through our rigorous program, they improve on those baseline scores by 88 points.

To thrilling specialized high school placements!

It’s more than just acceptance to any specialized high school; the majority of our students were admitted into the specialized schools they wanted most.

There’s always more to learn…

If you have any questions about standardized tests, or if you’d like to learn more about our methods and techniques, please book a call with us below: